Thursday, October 07, 2010

In a Twitter Trend Far Far Away...

What if they made "Star Wars: The Musical"? That's the question we're asking ourselves today. The answers are appearing today on our Twitter page. So far, we have:

Act 1, Scene 3: The jawas break in to "It's a Hard Knock Life."

Act 2, Scene 24: Luke sings, "You can take my hand and my pride, but I still won't join the Dark Side."

Act 2, Scene 12: Stormtroopers dance in background while Darth Vader sings "I'm Evil with a Cape (reprise)."

Act 1, Scene 27: Obi-wan does jazz hands right before being slain by Darth Vader.

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Well, we didn't start a worldwide Twitter trend of #starwarsthemusical, but we had a lot of fun at least! Here were the rest of the posts in case you missed them: