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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday's This & That: Steve McQueen Edition!

Chad McQueen (son of Steve) and The Terry McQueen Testamentary Trust have gone to court to stop an apparel manufacturer from using Steve McQueen's name and likeness to promote its products without their consent. The Italian-based clothing company, Belstaff USA Corp, has used The King of Cool's in its marketing of jackets, coats, sweaters, T-shirts, pants and shoes. Steve McQueen's daughter Terry died in 1998, leaving her rights and assets to her daughter, Molly Flattery, through The Terry McQueen Testamentary Trust.

More news on the Steve McQueen Festival! The Missouri town of Slater's second annual Steve McQueen Day birthday celebration begins tomorrow, Friday, March 28. The event kicks off with a 5:30 p.m. barbecue dinner, followed by a talent show at 6 p.m.

On Saturday there will be a 5K run at 8 a.m. A car show starts at 9 a.m. at the 2008 Bullitt Mustang display. At 10 a.m., the vintage motorcycle display opens and vendors open up their booths.

There will also be a showing of the animated children's cartoon "Cars" featuring "Lightning McQueen," a bike awards show, showings of "The Blob" and "Tom Horn," and Richard Martin's documentary "Portrait of an American Rebel," and an auction of McQueen memorabilia. The day will end with a McQueen look-alike contest. (If you or anyone you know looks like Steve McQueen, let us know in the comments!)

In attendance will be McQueen's stunt double, Loren Janes, biographer Marshall Terrell, military pal Cliff Anderson, film producer Richard Martin, and McQueen's widow, Barbara McQueen, who will sign copies of her book about her late husband.

At an early age, McQueen was sent to Slater, Missouri to be raised by his Uncle Claude on a farm when his mother's alcoholism made her unable to care for him anymore. After he left Slater, McQueen spent some time at California Junior Boys Republic (optimistically described as "a home for wayward boys"), and the McQueen family still supports the work of the organization. Proceeds of some of the festival events will benefit the home.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Steve McQueen!

Our beloved "Cooler King" (and "King of Cool") would be 78 today....And I'm sooooo crushing on him!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Joan Crawford!

We have two big birthdays coming up at the Lounge back-to-back, the first one being our Queen of the Mee-Yow Thursdays, Ms Joan Crawford! Her birthday will be this Sunday.

Stay tuned for Monday's big birthday!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weekend Recap

It's been quite a week...I've spent the last couple days recovering from my birthday festivities of Saturday, work has been a bind, and on top of that, I've had all these trophies to hang up!

A bunch of us got together for a night out on the town. My friend Carson wanted to celebrate my birthday in style. So he got a super-stretch limo to come pick me up. Dyno had bought 3 or 4 bottles of champagne, and so we headed out to the car where Guitar Joe and his gal were already inside, drinking more champagne! Then we had our chauffeur Robert pick up Carson and his chick, and we were on our way! We went first to dinner at Citywalk in Universal City. We went to Karl Strauss Brewery Restaurant where I gorged on a pint of Hefeweizen and an entire plate of Garlic Parm fries. (I've given up potatoes for Lent, but hey -- it's a celebration, right??)

After dinner we got back in the car where we drank more champagne and headed to Koreatown where there is a legendary karaoke bar called The Orchid Bar. This is a must-go-to place for any karaoke aficionado. You and your party get your own private room with nice squashy seats around a big ol table and a nifty sound system with two mikes to sing in to. Well, six "Summer Breezes" later I had sang the entire Abba Gold album and had had a great time. Couldn't tell you anything more than that, because things are a bit foggy. I think I tried to recreate the Chicago 'L' scene from "Risky Business" with Dyno in the back of the limo, but was unsuccessful. I'm no Rebecca De Mornay, and he ain't no Tom Cruise (thank Xenu).

I woke up really late feeling really bad. Dyno tried to make me breakfast but that didn't work out so well. I found my clothes from the night before on the floor, and when I picked them up I noticed that my brand new silk blouse I had worn yesterday had a big stain on it. I asked Dyno if I had spilled on myself or something. He said, "Yeah -- on yourself, on me, on the table, on the floor, on the waiter..."

Wow, what a birthday.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Me! (Tomorrow)

"Since when is watermelon a citrus fruit?"

"If only everyone in society treated each other with the same respect they did in the movies."

"There is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- appetizing about a commercial with a fuzzy brownie."

"I wish people would be a little bit more forgiving when mistakes are made."

"I saw a dead pigeon in the middle of the road once, and I couldn't help but hear George Costanza's voice ringing in my ears: 'We had a deal!'"

"Men who are balding or have receding hairlines should not attempt the faux-hawk."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Steve McQueen Days Festival!

Why have I never heard of this?! What kind of a McQueen fan am I??! And who wants to carpool to Missouri???! reports:

Steve McQueen's widow Barbara and his longtime stunt double have been announced as the special guests at the 2nd annual Steve McQueen Days Festival in Slater, Missouri.

Devotees of the movie icon will gather in the actor's boyhood hometown on March 28 & 29th to celebrate McQueen's life and work.

Steve McQueen Days is timed around the actor's birthday; the late The Great Escape star would have been 78 on March 24th. As well as Barbara McQueen and stuntman Loren Janes, fans will be able to meet and greet the actor's longtime friend Richard Martin, who has just produced a documentary on McQueen's life, titled An American Rebel. The film is based on the book Steve McQueen: Portrait Of An American Rebel by noted biographer Marshall Terrill, who will also be a key speaker during the festivities in Slater. Highlights of the festival will include a Steve McQueen Lookalike Contest and a Classic Car and Motorcycle Show.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sweepea-TV: Chicken Salad Mess

All I wanted was lunch: chicken salad in a can, as part of a kit that includes crackers and a hefty miniature plastic spoon. What I got was a mess when the "easy" pull-tab popped off a little too easily. Thus getting to my lunch required 6 different tools to open and cost me two of my fingernails. We can put a man on the moon, but we can't make a simple way to open a damn tin can??

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday's This & That

Sorry we've been distant for a while. But let's look into the crystal ball and see what's going on around the internet...

Disney is going to be expanding their web content, featuring some of their vintage television shows for full viewing on their site. Chief executive Robert Iger didn't reveal which shows in particular, but they own the rights to shows like "Zorro," "Davy Crockett," and "The Mickey Mouse Show." They've already provided some of their shows from ABC and Disney Channel to iTunes for purchase, but this would make them accessible for free!

Also in Disney news, the Pixar movie "Toy Story" will be made in to a musical, featured for now only on the Disney cruise line. This is after turning their other movies in to musicals ("Lion King", "Beauty & the Beast," "Mary Poppins," and the latest "The Little Mermaid"). What's even funnier (or stupider) is that besides re-releasing old movies "from the vault," Disney has begun making their stage musicals back to a feature film live-action musical. (There have been hints that Disney is making the stage musical of "Beauty and the Beast" in to a live-action version, featuring Anne Hathaway as Belle.) Okay, Disney, are you ready for any original ideas yet?

Enough about Disney. Target has some great Audrey Hepburn items for sale to decorate your home. Some cheap, some not-so-cheap. But you can't beat Target prices, right?

And the Joan Crawford Collection, Vol. 2 is now available, featuring five discs of our favorite diva. The set also comes with a couple of documentaries, cartoons, and vintage shorts.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Photos, Photos, and More Photos!

If you still haven't become my friend on MySpace or visited the Lounge's MySpace page, then you probably haven't seen my wonderful collection of pictures. There's many albums of my fun adventures for you to graze through...

Be amazed by my travels around the world!
Laugh at the hilarious party photos!
See my experiences as a riveter!
Enjoy my days performing for the USO during WWII!
Be spellbound by my pool and beach days!
Marvel at my romance cheese and pinup pictures!

And most of all, add me as your MySpace friend!

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What To Do On A Date

Reminiscent of the advice our friends dispense over at How to Get the Guy, here's an MST3K short from the 50's, called What To Do On a Date.