Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cocktail Recipe Du Jour

The folks at the All About Bartending Blog were kind enough to share this news:
BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream, the world's number one selling cream liqueur, today announced the addition of two new flavors, Baileys Caramel and Baileys Mint Chocolate. These new flavors will be made available in time for St. Patrick's Day and for a limited time only, beginning in March 2006.
...So I thought I'd give you a great recipe to make with Bailey's, and when the new stuff comes out, you can experiment with reworking an updated version!

The Oatmeal Cookie Cocktail

In your iced tin, pour:
1 oz. Bailey's Irish Cream
1 oz. butterscotch Schnapps
1/2 oz. cinnamon Schnapps
Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

(Some people also add an ounce of Jagermeister, but I can't stand the stuff. But if you like it, give it a whirl.)

Star Pigs

Ever thought a celebrity looked a little...piggish? You might want to report these cases of star swine to Celebrity Swine. Each identified celebrity is listed with their special weapon and weakness, and as the site proclaims:
They have arrived. its [sic] not aliens you have to worry about folks, but the swine that are currently working their way into positions of influence very quietly and unsuspectingly. Please work your way through the above hitlist, and learn well, for when the hour comes, you will need to know how to destroy these beasts with the knowledge you hone here.
Report one today and keep peace on our planet!

Monday, January 30, 2006

(Extra Long) Weekend Re-cap

Just the highlights of the past weekend when I played hookie...

Thursday night:
With nothing in a bag but a toothbrush and a clean pair of drawers, I headed out of town to get the hell away from work, my inappreciative 6 bosses, and everything else that was frustrating and unpredictable in my life. Unfortunately there was one problem I couldn't escape from; I didn't have enough money to get that far. I was almost out of gas when I finally turned into Gina's driveway an hour later. I collapsed into her house, hardly talking to her, and fell asleep on her couch. It wasn't even 7:00 yet.

Lemon picked me up the next morning with her kids in tow. My friend Lemon is a bona fide MILF - no, make that a MMWF ("Men Would" instead of "I Would"). She's got two kids under three years old that are adorable, and she happens to still look fantastic. She insisted we were going someplace completely brainless, but it was a surprise. "Fine," I told her. "As long as it's cheap, too." A smile crossed my face as she drove us into the parking lot of Chuck E. Cheese.

We met up with two of her friends there, all MMWF's, all with kids under three. I spent the day eating pizza, drinking beer (yes, they sell beer at CEC, go fig), running around with three-year-olds playing cheap games with tokens, and generally turning my brain into mush. It was the best form of therapy ever.

Exhausted, Lemon let me stay at her house for the night, where she promised more brainless fun the next day. I couldn't wait.

Saturday: Lemon woke me up early. She packed up her kids and her husband and we all drove to a local park to watch her son play Tot Soccer. Now, if you've never seen Tot Soccer, it's something you really have to see to believe. Watching a bunch of three-year-olds running with their chubby little legs up and down a section of grass, not knowing where they're going or what they're doing...it's quite a sight.

The entire line of defense for the Red Team was picking grass and throwing sticks at each other. Half of the Blue Team was calling for Mommy, while the other half was sucking their thumbs. It was hysterical. Especially because - surrounded by parents who were taking this so seriously - I found myself screaming along with them for the three-year-olds to pass and score a goal. Amazingly enough, a couple times they did.

Gina picked me up at Lemon's and I spent the rest of the day at her house. I took advantage of her shower, wardrobe, refrigerator, and TiVo, and stayed indoors all day. My version of an expensive spa treatment. I stayed until it got dark, and then realized I had to face the real world again soon.

Driving home I looked back on the weekend; for more than three days I didn't have to think about anything. And that had felt good. Unfortunately, there comes a time when you have to get back to reality and start making decisions again. But I know I can make it through another week because of the memories of one of the greatest weekends ever. The weekend when I was a kid again.

...And a GIANT one at that!

[Courtesy of Cockeyed.com]

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Think of it as a Clip Show...

So sick of it all that I bailed from work early to pack a bag and get the hell out of town. I'll be gone all weekend, so you'll just have to deal with reliving the dear moments that I've already posted.

Peruse to your will, but my favorite posts are:

Dumpster Drama: Act I - the one that started it all.

Sanka Saved This Family - the story of Billy, and the social worker that saved his fanny.

"Va Va Vodka" Ad of the Day - favorite vintage ad with the Lounge's favorite gal Julie London.

I Want the Name of this Decorator - the Lounge's first Design Disaster.

...Or check out the categories to the right for your favorite topics.

Enjoy! [exit theme music, mild applause]

Something's (Really) Wrong With Me

There's something weird going on with me today. I just checked and my shoes match, so that's not it... And then I realize what it is. It's two words.

Work. Sucks.

It seems strange to complain about a place that gives you birthday cake every 3rd Thursday of the month and free donuts and bagels every Friday, but I have to say I'm sick of working here. And I love my job, and generally love all those people I work with. I appreciate the little freebies and how easy this job is (and the fact that I've mastered the "hard at work but hardly working" thing).

No it's not my job or the company that I work for in particular. It's the working that I don't like. The actual waking up to an alarm, having to sit in traffic, drinking crappy coffee, sitting at a desk all day, just to sit in more traffic in the dark. I am sick of the actual process of work.

What I need is a vacation. I haven't been on a real vacation in years. Years! There's something wrong with that. And in essence, that is what makes there something wrong with me.

If anyone would like to help bring me back to a middle state of normality, you are welcome to contribute to the new fund I've set up... It's the "Send a Crazy Girl to Hawaii to Make her Sane Again Fund."


Get Your Barbie Heads!

Only on Ebay...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Julie London Alert!

The popular 1972 TV drama Emergency! - that happens to star our dear favorite songstress and former "Va Va Voom" Star of the Day Julie London - is coming again to you with their Season Two DVD. It's release date is February 7th, but you can always pre-order it on Amazon.com.

(Season One was released back in August of last year. Get the two seasons for less than $70! And no, I don't work for Amazon.com.)

Cocktail Recipe Du Jour

Sweepea's Crazy Cow-ktail
[Invented by yours truly on a whim, this coffee-infused yummy drink is best served as a dessert drink.]

In your tin full of ice, pour:
One bottle of Starbucks Mocha Frappacino (pictured left)
1 oz. Creme de Cacao
1/2 oz. Vodka
Do a roll from shaker to mixing glass
Pour into a tall glass
Garnish with a mint leaf

For a more creamy, sweet taste, try Absolut Vanilla Vodka instead. For a mint-chocolate flavor, add a splash of White Creme de Menthe or Peppermint Schnapps.


"Please Do Not Turn the Page..."

The genius illustrator Michael Smollins has been kind enough to put our favorite children's book online! So now you can read "The Monster at the End of This Book" anytime you want!

[Finder's props go to VeryBigBlog]

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dumpster Drama: Act VII

It was an overwhelmingly dramatic Dumpster Drama last night in the carport behind my apartment building. There were two things going on simultaneously that it was almost like a Shakespearean tragedy was unfolding.

The Alcoholic Man Upstairs decided to get drunk and crank up Sarah Vaughan music until 2:00 in the morning. The song in particular that I remember playing was "My Man's Gone Now," because it made the AMU wail "Sarah....Sarah...."

At the same time a couple was fighting outside on the street. So imagine a soulful orchestral rendition of a classic jazz singer while this argument is playing out:
Her: But you said you wouldn't change your mind.
Him: I know that's what I said. But I did. I'm sorry.
Her: I don't understand. You can't just end things. Not like this.
Him: I'm sorry, but I can't be with you anymore. It's just too hard. It shouldn't be this difficult.
Her: Wait! Don't walk away from me. Let's talk about this.
Him: There's nothing to talk about. Nothing's gonna change.
(He must've walked down the street, because she began to cry harder.)
Her: Wait! Come back! Patrick, come back!!
Even though the girl seemed a little desperate chasing him down the street, after he'd made it clear that his decision was final, I still felt sorry for her. And I don't think I would've gotten teary-eyed like I did if it wasn't for Sarah Vaughan's song playing over it all...

My man's gone now
Ain't no use a listenin'...
Tell' me that I'm old now
Since I lose my man


Absolut Man

Former "Va Va Voom" Star of the Day Steve McQueen is featured in a fantastic new Absolut Vodka commercial. The ad campaign is described in this USA Today article.

In the commercial, Absolut names Steve McQueen the "Absolute Man." Couldn't have said it better myself.

If anyone knows where I can find this ad to watch on the net, let me know!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Shh...Don't Tell

The good people at The Sneeze have decided to divulge to us the secret of bananas.

It's all captured on video, and it's pretty amazing.

Sing Along Everyone!


[Courtesy of Retrocrush]

Weekend Re-cap

I went to 3rd Street with Gina on Saturday to spend money I didn't really have on myself. Gina's so good about spending only a certain amount. I, on the other hand, see no limits to my shopping addiction. Anyway, we saw a homeless man walking and talking to himself as we passed Pottery Barn. This is not that unusual on 3rd Street, but then he dropped his bags, did air-quotes to himself, then picked up his bags and went on. I just thought that was so awesome. He had to drop everything he owned in the world to do air-quotes during a conversation he was having with himself.

That night I went to see my friend's band "Sara Cahill and the Sauce" perform at Masquer's Cabaret in Santa Monica. I sat with some co-workers and was on my third Cape Cod by the time they were finishing the first round. Maybe it was to flavor up the taste of the Caesar Salad - which was just a pile of lettuce with parmesan cheese sprinkled on top.

But I was completely aware of when the band came on. I really liked them. If you like old school stuff like I do, you'll love them. I was even surprised that they threw in a little Pink Martini. Very nice. And I didn't know my friend could jam on the guitar so well.

Afterward one of my co-workers drove me to some sushi bar next door and we had some more drinks, thanks to my buddy flirting with the bartender. Tried a Seabreeze for the first time - later I'd regret choosing a drink with grapefruit juice. I think I ate somebody's spicy tuna roll that was sitting on the bar, which is also not a good thing to have with a lot of vodka.

Finally I was able to make it home and took three Tylenol and drank a huge bottle of water and settled in to bed. The next morning I was supposed to go to a football party, but with the way I was feeling I decided against it. Heard it was a good game, even though I have no idea who was playing.

When I got into my car this morning to drive to work, I found my friend's guitar in the back seat. I'll have to put the pieces of that puzzle together sometime today.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Freaky Food

Foods and beverages take on a life of their own at The Museum of Food Anomalies, like this extraterrestrial beer foam found on the bottom of the mug.

Mmmm.....alien beer.....lawlawlawl...

Laundry Day

Margie wondered why her nighties always smelled of pipe smoke.
[Courtesy of Ephemera Now]

Thursday, January 19, 2006

King Kong Desktop Wallpaper

Just for you from me, desktop wallpaper for the 1933 movie "King Kong."

Formatted for Macs (because heavy on the left), and extra large for big display settings.


Sweepea-TV: Something's Wrong With Me...

You know something's wrong with you when you can't even match your shoes correctly in the morning. I'm like the Helen Keller of fashion today. I've been dressing myself for a while now, and I still can't get it right.

And now I have to work all day with these mismatched mofos on.

*sigh* Oh well.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The D*** List

Gina and I stayed up until way past midnight last night talking about ex-boyfriends and such, and it reminded me of this website I found a while ago called The D*** List on Disgruntled Housewife.

Not only are the graphics right up my alley, but it's amusing to read people's rantings of their past relationships, publicized on the internet for all to see. For example, let's look at a posting about Trevor W. in Florida which states:
I was 14 he 17, I was wretchedly challenged in the self esteem area. He encouraged me to skip school, smoke pot, and worse yet, smoke cigs. Then he "put the moves " on me. Tried to get me to f*** him in the woods behind the school. But he would never even touch me in site of anyone else (at the time I understood this as an affirmation of how horrid I was). But what makes him a d*** is the fact that he took advantage of a 12 year old the next year.
I love how he encouraged her to smoke pot and - "worse yet" gasp! "smoke cigs"!

God bless America and the First Amendment.

P.S. Just as a side note, neither Gina nor I have ever put an ex-boyfriend on the D*** List.

Fee Fi Fo Fum...I Smell Dinner!

Well sure, I could cook all that, too, if I had an oven that was three times as big as I am! Miss Lemon Taffeta better watch her step...one more inch and she'll be slouching next to the fondue pot. Sssssssss......

[Courtesy of Ephemera Now]

"Va Va Voom" Star of the Day

Shelley Winters
The Oscar-winning actress passed away over the weekend. Many people remember her roles as older, crotchety ladies, but she was actually a very successful pin-up girl in her younger years.

A plain-looking former chorus girl, Shelley Winters was glamorized by her movie company and starred in seductive roles. But she wouldn't be defined by a stereotype. Winters shed the temptress image to become a polished dramatic actress, claiming two Academy Awards in a career that spanned more than 100 films.

Winters won Academy Awards as supporting actress in "The Diary of Anne Frank" and "A Patch of Blue." She sustained her long career by repeatedly reinventing herself.

Winters wrote openly in her autobiographies of her romances with Burt Lancaster, William Holden, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and other leading men. She also said after she came to Hollywood in the mid-1940s she was roommates with another rising starlet - Marilyn Monroe.

Winters received her last Oscar nomination for 1972's "The Poseidon Adventure." Among her other notable films: "Night of the Hunter," "Executive Suite," "I Am a Camera," "The Big Knife," "Odds Against Tomorrow," "The Young Savages," "Lolita," "The Chapman Report," "The Greatest Story Ever Told," "A House Is Not a Home," "Alfie," "Harper," "Pete's Dragon," "Stepping Out" and "Over the Brooklyn Bridge."

Winters died of heart failure Saturday at The Rehabilitation Centre of Beverly Hills, her publicist Dale Olson said. She was 85. Winters had been hospitalized in October after suffering a heart attack.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Cocktail Recipe Du Jour

Fluffy Chick
a.k.a. The Peeps Crafts Editor Memorial Cocktail
(In honor of the termination of the Peeps internet writer who could never complete his or her recipe for the Valentine's Day craft. Peeps' loss is our loss. *sniff*)

In your iced mixing tin, pour
1 1/2 oz light rum
1 1/2 oz sweet vermouth
1 splash of grenadine for color
Stir and pour into cocktail glass
Garnish with Peep of your choice.

Cheers! *sniff*

Peeps Pink-Slipped?

We here at the Lounge are concerned... Did someone get fired at the Peeps website?

Because there's just something about this recipe for a Peeps Valentine's Day craft that leaves us hanging:

"Using the icing,"

Yes? Yes??

Must-See Movie: The Odd Couple

The Odd Couple (1968)
My favorite Neil Simon play and film, this movie pits Jack Lemmon (one of the most fantastic actors ever) against Walter Matthau.

The basic story is not unusual, but the dialogue and acting make it outstanding. Divorcee Oscar (played by Matthau) is concerned about his poker buddy Felix (played by Lemmon) and the recent disolution of his marriage. Oscar kindly offers to take him in, not realizing the many small annoyances of Felix that will soon drive him crazy.

The dialogue between the two of them is quick-witted and hilarious. Oscar's onslaught of wry comments to Felix is unstoppable. He holds nothing back when expressing his frustration:

I can't take it anymore, Felix, I'm cracking up. Everything you do irritates me. And when you're not here, the things I know you're gonna do when you come in irritate me. You leave me little notes on my pillow. Told you 158 times I can't stand little notes on my pillow. "We're all out of cornflakes. F.U." Took me three hours to figure out F.U. was Felix Ungar!

(See the IMDb quotes page for some more quick quips.) Usually a movie is confining when set in one place for a majority of the time, but this movie (set primarily in their shared apartment) is far from restrictive. With visits from the poker buddies and the Cuckoo Pigeon sisters, you never get that play-turned-movie clausterphobic feeling, because even the supporting cast is extremely entertaining.

Oscar is not just a laid-back man, he is a slob. And Felix is not just neat, he's an obsessive-compulsive freak. Put the two together in an apartment and you have The Odd Couple.

Star Sighting of the Day

J.K. Simmons and Kyle Howard
Spotted these two different stars while having lunch at the Daily Grill in Studio City last Friday. J.K. was having lunch in the restaurant, while Kyle was sipping a coffee at the nearby Coffee Bean.

It took me no time to remember J.K.'s name, since he just appeared in "Spider-Man," but Kyle's name was harder to recall...the only thing I could remember him being in was that "Friends" episode where one of Ross' students says he's in love with him. I finally solicited help from Gina who helped me remember that when he was younger, he was in the teen flick "House Arrest." *sigh* Sorry, Kyle.

Record-Breaking Room!

"...And the award for 'Best Use of Records' goes to..."

Who's idea was it to put the random stuffed bear in the room? What does a polar bear have to do with records? Then again, what does wicker or bamboo have to do with records?

The truly tragic thing is the design of this room is completely lost on kids these days. They don't even know what the hell that round black thingie is.

[Courtesy of Ephemera Now]

Friday, January 13, 2006

Must-See Movie: Psycho

Psycho (1960)
Perfect for Friday the 13th (today, people!), I bring you the Hitchcock classic. Everyone knows the story, and everyone knows the shower scene. But it's still worth watching because of the little details you find every time you watch this movie. (And not just the Hitchcock cameo.)

Janet Leigh plays Marian Crane, an embezzling woman on the run who happens upon the Bates Motel, run by Norman Bates - a true mama's boy. ("A son is a poor substitute for a lover.") After some strange conversation about taxidermy and birds with Bates, she settles into her room to take a shower. And that is where the murder happens.

Looking beyond that famous scene, there is a lot of depth in this movie. Every time I've watched the movie I've noticed a different moment. The detective, played by Martin Balsam, is intriguing. He seems to know immediately that something is up, but is cautious in his questioning of Bates, as if he senses the level of insanity in the man. He tentatively traps him in more than a few lies, and doesn't let anything slip past. But it's a tight-wire act; the detective can't alarm the hotel owner, or the young man will withhold more information.

Also interesting is the scene where Norman cleans up after the murder. He takes great care in straightening every picture and wrapping it all up into a neat bundle. And the whole time Hitchcock keeps an eye on the newspaper where Marian hid the money.

In looking up pictures for the movie, I found some of audience reactions at the movie's premiere, I'm assuming during the shower scene. My favorite member of the audience is the fellow with the cigarette dangling from his mouth. He must be more concerned with Janet Leigh naked than her being hacked to death.

And the woman in the foreground seems to be enjoying this a bit too much.

Who's the real psycho now??

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Cocktail Recipe Du Jour

The AllAboutBartending blog provides us with today's cocktail. They brought up the following USA Today news article that says:
A jeweler turned drink designer has made a splash in the Chicago bar scene with a new cocktail that costs a whopping $950.

The Ruby Red is a tangy mix of vodka, campagne, cognac, pomegranate liquer, and orange juice.

And it comes with a one-carat, grade-A ruby.
Red Ruby
Stir together in a highball glass:
1 1/2 oz Grey Goose L'Orange vodka
1/2 oz Hypnotiq cognac
1/2 oz orange juice
top with a splash of Pama, or pomegranate liqueur and
a splash of Domperignon champagne

(Dropping in the one-carat gemstone is optional)


WTF is with Traffic??

I don't understand it. It's really like that Goofy cartoon "Motor Mania." People who are normally pleasant and respectable to their neighbor on the sidewalk (Mr. Walker) get behind the wheel of their car and turn into crazed animals (Mr. Wheeler).

To get onto the freeway from my apartment building you have to make a left. But not just any left. THEE most dangerous, life-threatening left turn in the world. The type where all the cars are big colorful blurs past you going whir, whir, whir, whir and your neck hurts looking right, looking left, looking right, looking left for an opening.

And then you see your spot! That little Frogger-like hole that you think your car can fit into, going 40 mph. You inch forward in anticipation and then HOOOOOONNNNKKKKKK!!!! "What the hell were you thinking, trying to get in here? This is my goddam space on the road!"

I have to do this every day. Right left right left right left - is it clear on that side? How about that side? Whir, whir, whir, whir... No one let's you in. Finally you just have to clench your teeth, take a deep breath, and put the pedal to the floor and hope that the Traffic Saint cuts you a break.

This morning I got honked at for just inching forward. Just inching. I wasn't even in the intersection - still on my street, nowhere near this man's way. But I got honked at. And then I got The Look that sometimes follows the honk. You know the one - the one that says, "There's no way in hell I'm letting you in, pal."

Reseachers have found the reason why mild-mannered joes become these motor maniacs once they get behind the wheel. Apparently once we get into vehicle we no longer see ourselves as human, but rather the machine that surrounds us. And we no longer view others as people in cars, but the cars themselves. We forget that these are people who have families, lives, and their own places to go.

I just wish people would be a little bit more forgiving when mistakes are made. Try letting three people in front of you a day and keep smiling. It's not easy, but give it a shot.

And lay off that horn for petesake!

I'm Enshooshiashtick!

Ann Sheridan was a pin-up model in the early forties, often called "The Oomph Girl." Putting that aside, there are a few things about this ad that made me raise an eyebrow or two (and then I had to stop because I was out of eyebrows).

1. It's unfortunate that the product name is "Ayds." Not knowing the effect the word has on us now, we in the futuristic 2006, it's a little weird to see the name "Ayds" as a diet supplement. Especially when she's so enthusiastic about having it.

2. Why "vitamin candy"? Who thought that calling candy a vitamin was a good idea? Here you are, trying to promote health and you stick the word "candy" in there.

3. How could taking any kind of supplement be losing weight "the way Nature intended you to"? Does Nature care if we're obese? If I have to worry about being in shape for every tree and bush I'm going to start burning things down.

Well, sadly, Ayds didn't help Sheridan's health much. She died from esophogeal and liver cancer at the early age of 51.

[Courtesy of Adflip]

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Voice of Wisdom

His voice of wisdom looks like his evil twin, Bruce. "Psst...you shouldn't be smoking those crappy cancer sticks. You should smoke these from Kent...they have way more additives and a higher ammonia content. Mmmm....ammonia...lawlawlawl..."

If you ever hear your evil twin telling you to smoke a certain brand of cigarettes, it's time to put on a new patch.

[Courtesy of Chickenhead]

Cocktail Recipe Du Jour

I know I've neglected these dear daily embibements, but it's been super hectic around here. Hopefully you found it upon yourself to practice what you've learned so far. At any rate, here is today's cocktail:

Cherry Greyhound
A little twist on the classic Greyhound...

In a highball glass full of ice, pour:
2 oz. Vodka
fill with grapefruit juice
Top with 1 oz. Cherry 7-up
Splash of grenadine for added flavor
Garnish with a cherry


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Star Sighting of the Day

Eric Roberts
Saw the actor turning onto Ventura Blvd. in Studio City.

He actually has a lot of projects coming up: "Phat Girlz," "Gepetto's Secret," "Comedy Hell," "Princess," "Worlds Apart"...

His sister Julia on the other hand only has two projects coming up, both only using her voice. Hmm...wonder if this means he'll become the more successful Roberts in 2006?

Air Head

"Good morning, passengers, this is your captain speaking. We are currently ascending to 5,000 feet and it looks like we'll reach our destination right on schedule. And even though the plane is shaped like a boomerang, this is not a round trip.

"...Now if you look out the window on the left side of the plane, you will see the Flying Head of Air Travel. She tends to emanate out of nowhere like this all the time, so there's nothing to worry about. This will not affect our arrival time. Thank you and have a comfortable flight."

[Courtesy of ...oh, crap, I forgot where]

Life is Beautiful

Last night after finally completing the last detail of redeco'ing the Lounge, I treated myself by cooking a fantastic dinner and uncorking a bottle of wine. After the second glass, I found that Norma Shearer's 1930 movie "The Divorcee" was showing, so I settled in to watch that. After another couple of glasses of wine, I decided on a cigarette. Took me 10 minutes to remember where I hid them from myself. Oh yeah - behind my British Lit book from college.

I sat on my front porch with a glass of wine and smoked, and I saw Winston poke his head out from behind the blinds in the apartment next to me. He mewed at me and then Muscles and his girlfriend came home. Winston must have sensed their return.

As I finished my cigarette the wind blew through the courtyard and through the palm trees and it made a peaceful, whistling sound. I found myself smiling, thinking - ironically - how alive a cigarette can make you feel.

I went back inside to finish "The Divorcee," and Norma Shearer looked beautiful. The movie is primarily about old friends that lose touch because of a divorce, and so I had a sudden impulse to make random phone calls to friends. I called KT and had to leave a message for her. Called Gina and we caught up. Called Lou and spoke to him for a while. Then I called my old roommate Pokey and we rehashed.

I went to bed later than usual, telling myself that I'd treat myself even more by sleeping in tomorrow. And the good feeling didn't end there. When I woke up in the morning, there were those two ducks swimming in my pool again.

A beautiful Lounge, a beautiful evening, and a beautiful life.

Monday, January 09, 2006

"Va Va Voom" Star of the Day

Vincent Price
The Turner Classic Movies Channel is spotlighting the "Merchant of Menace," and so I thought I would, too.

The film star has had an extensive career, spanning 6 decades. He's best remembered for his roles in horror movies, specifically the Roger Corman adaptations from Edger Allan Poe. Although these gave him a wide variety of characters to play and were striking enough, these roles typecast him for the remainder of his career.

Price did not start out with the intentions of becoming an actor but rather an art historian. He obtained degrees in Art History and English at Yale and then taught school for a year. Price returned to college to take his Masters in Fine Arts at the Courtauld Institute in London, he also studied briefly in Vienna. He began work on stage before making it onto the big screen.

Price's first movie was "Service De luxe" in 1938 and he went on to play such diverse historical characters as Raleigh, Clarence, Richelieu, Charles II and the Mormon Joseph Smith. He was also cast in several films as a charming but effete young man, notably in 'Laura' (1944) and 'The Fly' (1958). The occasional horror role came his way too at this time, he revelled in the old Lionel Atwell part of the demented sculpter in "The House of Wax" (1953). Price's niche in the horror movie genre was carved in 1960 with the classic movie "The Fall of the House of Usher".

Price did return to the stage eventually. He toured his one man show of Oscar Wilde throughout America for many years to great acclaim. It was a demonstration of the excellent performing skills of Vincent Price and an escape from the type-casting.

In his later years, Price became involved with the rock industry, he was involved in music videos with performers including Alice Cooper, Ringo Starr, and most notably Michael Jackson's "Thriller."

TCM will be showing 6 of his greatest horror movies on Wednesday, January 18th starting at 8:00 PM EST.

Interior Design Disaster: The Potty Edition

[Courtesy of Retrocrush]

Friday, January 06, 2006

"Va Va Voom" Star of the Day

Lou Rawls
The jazz singer died today of lung and brain cancer, so I thought it fitting to make him our "Va Va Voom" Star of the Day.

The Grammy-award winning artist had a unique, smooth vocal style. Frank Sinatra once said that Rawls had "the classiest singing and silkiest chops in the singing game."

For a time he performed what some people have called "pre-rap." Rawls said this type of style grew out of necessity. "I was working in little joints where the stage would be behind the bar. So you were standing right over the cash register and the crushed ice machine. You'd be swinging and the waitress would yell, 'I want 12 beers and four martinis!' And then the dude would put the ice in the crusher. There had to be a way to get the attention of the people. So instead of just starting in singing, I would just start in talking the song." His "raps" were so popular that 1967's Dead End Street won him his first Grammy for Best R&B Vocal Performance.

Epitomizing class and soul, I've always thought his singing style is almost self-depreciating; an everyday-man-type of charm mixed with that jazzy sound. He will definitely be remembered in music history.

His official website can be found here, although I had trouble loading up the main frame page.

Star Sighting of the Day

Lisa Dean Ryan
Most known for her role as Wanda, Doogie's girlfriend in "Doogie Howser, M.D.", I spotted this actress today at lunch eating sushi at Yen in Studio City.

She's a regular there; this is the fourth time I've spotted her and the wait staff knew her pretty well.

Dumpster Drama: Act VI

It's been a while since there's been any drama in my apartment building, what with the holidays and all the theatrics in other parts of my life. But finally here's the latest Dumpster Drama:

It was about 1 AM on a weekday night. I kept hearing sirens going down the street, and usually I tune them out, but after the fifth siren or so I knew something was up. Not only that but I heard huge trucks idling outside.

I pulled on a sweatshirt over my pj's and went into my apartment courtyard. Red lights were flashing and they bounced over all the walls. As I went further towards the street intersection, I finally grasped what was going on: fire engines, police cars, and traffic cars were all over the intersection. Flares directed traffic to detour down my street. And all the residents on all four corners of the intersection had come out to see what was going on.

I asked a man standing on the sidewalk what he knew. He stated that apparently there was a fire in an apartment building down the street, and it was centered on the roof.

A man with a pipe approached us and asked us what was going on. We relayed what we knew already. "Well, as a former Fire Marshall, this is pretty standard procedure," he claimed. I asked him why there was so much police presence, and an over-abundance of fire trucks for such a small blaze (we couldn't even see or smell it from where we were).

"Well, the police and firemen in this town have nothing better to do because we don't get a lot of crime around here. So when something happens - anything - they all come out with full gear ready to roll."

Huh. Well that's good that I live in such a safe neighborhood. And it was also nice to see other single people in the vicinity. People just like me, standing in their pajamas, not knowing what to do. Just then more firemen pulled up and I exchanged looks with some of the other girls around me on the sidewalk. We all smiled with the same thoughts going through our heads. Jackpot!


Thursday, January 05, 2006

You'll Want Everyone to Know...

...That there's nothing like a big Parliament cigarette hat to get a man's attention.

If you saw a woman wearing a hat of cigarettes, would you offer her a cigarette??

[Courtesy of Macoholics]

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"In Like Flynn" the Movie

A lot of links here, so pay attention:

Former lounge "Va Va Voom" Star of the Day Errol Flynn is getting a movie made about him by his hottie grandson Luke Flynn. Coincidentally I'm now halfway through Errol's autobiography (in which the movie is based).

Guess my previous posts ranting about movie ideas surrounding the Flynn family and vodka-injected oranges have finally come to the attention of Hollywood!

I feel like I have so much power now! Mwa-ah-ah! *thunder and lightning strikes*

[Movie poster courtesy of the production website Wingman Productions]

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


If you're looking for something mellow and random to look at during a free moment, visit the French (read "Fronch") website Minimiam. It's got these cutesy-wootsy pics of little people on food and dinnerware. Art in its most unusual - and adorable - form!

Click on "passer l'intro" and then the graphic of "minimiam."

[Finder's props to Cute Overload]

Post-New Year's Recap - Part 2

To continue with my New Year's adventure....

Somewhere along the way I lost KT, but I barely noticed because D-Ban's two friends were chatting me up. One was wearing an Adidas hat and we got into a playful argument about the old Willy Wonka movie versus the new. Seeing that neither one of us could convince the other of their point, we both agreed to leave it alone. Another friend of his Pico was cute but I wasn't very impressed by him. But I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt every time he mispronounced my name. It was loud, maybe he couldn't hear properly.

Somehow the subject of me going to bartending school came up, and Adidas and Pico started testing me on my knowledge of drinks. I, of course, having not studied in a while, didn't do too well. But I think I still impressed them because they paid for the next couple rounds.

KT finally appeared around midnight just as the countdown started. She had been talking to the same guy for over an hour, and I guessed by the look on her face that they had already made out. We did the typical countdown, kisses and hugs and numbers were exchanged, and then we said our goodbyes. My ears were ringing too loud to stay much longer. Of course being girls we rehashed the whole way home and even when we got back to my apartment. In addition to the boy talk we both speculated on what this year would be like.

Last year I made completely selfish resolutions: eat, drink, and be merry. Don't go to the gym and eat whatever you want. Well, I did all that and it was a lot of fun - I'm proud that I stuck to it as well as I did. But all in all it was a truly bizarre but great year. I got a new car, got better projects at work, met new people, fell in and out of relationships with friends and significant others, and began living on my own for the first time. And through it all I've learned a lot about myself. For the first time I feel like I'm a real grown up.

Now this year has begun, and who knows what it'll bring. A lot can happen in a year. I could get a raise and be promoted. I could meet Mr. Right. Or I could fall so deep into credit card debt that I have to leave my nice pad on the west side. But with all the stuff that I've gone through in my life, I know I can face whatever this year will throw my way. Bring it on, 2006! I dare you.

Meat Rules!

More, I mean mor meat, please!!

There's nothing like four kinds of meat in a can. And I didn't know this, but square-shaped must be the most convenient form around! And the label will protect your table from all weather, wear, and tear. Two and a half cheers for meat! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip!

[Courtesy of Ephemera Now]

Post-New Year's Recap - Part 1

My friend D-Ban was throwing a "secret" party in his loft downtown, but if secret means over 300 people being there, then I just learned a new definition. I convinced a reluctant KT to come with me for the backup. I learned that you can't go to D-Ban's loft at night alone; the last time I went there I was propositioned by a street urbanite with no pants on. (His line? "Is Charlie missing an angel?" blah blah blah). Not something a single girl should experience by herself ever.

The party invite said BYOB and cash bar, so KT and I thought we'd risk the hired bartender and see how good his skills were. Plus, I didn't feel like walking through downtown L.A. dressed to kill with booze in a paper sack. A paper sack does not a good accessory make.

We got there a little after 10:00 and the Adolescents were performing. We had sadly missed D-Ban's roommate's band, the Silver Daggers perform, but apparently they had warmed up the crowd nicely. The place was packed, and it took me a while to find a) D-Ban, and b) the bar. I had to rub up next to several people to get through the crowd - mostly rocker-type males (as he's all friends with). Not like I'm complaining.

Finally found him in the back of the loft. It was so dark I couldn't tell if I was in a bedroom or a kitchen, and for a moment I could barely make out his face. But he led us to the bar and intro'd me to some of his friends.

I tested the bartender for a while - not to be bitchy, just to figure out if I could trust this guy - and finally settled on a jack and coke. I got the feeling he couldn't make anything more complicated than that. Just about then a DJ was on playing a mix of weird acid jazz and techno rock mixes. People weren't dancing as much as a whole crowd moving together. Later 400 Blows performed; they had a heavy, punk sound - a lot of yelling. I was just glad one of those stupid mosh circles didn't start.

The evening proceeded and I had some revelations on the new year. I'll share the rest with you when I get another free moment.