Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Dumpster Drama: Act VII

It was an overwhelmingly dramatic Dumpster Drama last night in the carport behind my apartment building. There were two things going on simultaneously that it was almost like a Shakespearean tragedy was unfolding.

The Alcoholic Man Upstairs decided to get drunk and crank up Sarah Vaughan music until 2:00 in the morning. The song in particular that I remember playing was "My Man's Gone Now," because it made the AMU wail "Sarah....Sarah...."

At the same time a couple was fighting outside on the street. So imagine a soulful orchestral rendition of a classic jazz singer while this argument is playing out:
Her: But you said you wouldn't change your mind.
Him: I know that's what I said. But I did. I'm sorry.
Her: I don't understand. You can't just end things. Not like this.
Him: I'm sorry, but I can't be with you anymore. It's just too hard. It shouldn't be this difficult.
Her: Wait! Don't walk away from me. Let's talk about this.
Him: There's nothing to talk about. Nothing's gonna change.
(He must've walked down the street, because she began to cry harder.)
Her: Wait! Come back! Patrick, come back!!
Even though the girl seemed a little desperate chasing him down the street, after he'd made it clear that his decision was final, I still felt sorry for her. And I don't think I would've gotten teary-eyed like I did if it wasn't for Sarah Vaughan's song playing over it all...

My man's gone now
Ain't no use a listenin'...
Tell' me that I'm old now
Since I lose my man



piedeediedee said...

Wow! Dumpster Drama now has a soundtrack! Bitchin'!

emma said...

your apartment building's like a friggin soap opera.