Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Post-New Year's Recap - Part 1

My friend D-Ban was throwing a "secret" party in his loft downtown, but if secret means over 300 people being there, then I just learned a new definition. I convinced a reluctant KT to come with me for the backup. I learned that you can't go to D-Ban's loft at night alone; the last time I went there I was propositioned by a street urbanite with no pants on. (His line? "Is Charlie missing an angel?" blah blah blah). Not something a single girl should experience by herself ever.

The party invite said BYOB and cash bar, so KT and I thought we'd risk the hired bartender and see how good his skills were. Plus, I didn't feel like walking through downtown L.A. dressed to kill with booze in a paper sack. A paper sack does not a good accessory make.

We got there a little after 10:00 and the Adolescents were performing. We had sadly missed D-Ban's roommate's band, the Silver Daggers perform, but apparently they had warmed up the crowd nicely. The place was packed, and it took me a while to find a) D-Ban, and b) the bar. I had to rub up next to several people to get through the crowd - mostly rocker-type males (as he's all friends with). Not like I'm complaining.

Finally found him in the back of the loft. It was so dark I couldn't tell if I was in a bedroom or a kitchen, and for a moment I could barely make out his face. But he led us to the bar and intro'd me to some of his friends.

I tested the bartender for a while - not to be bitchy, just to figure out if I could trust this guy - and finally settled on a jack and coke. I got the feeling he couldn't make anything more complicated than that. Just about then a DJ was on playing a mix of weird acid jazz and techno rock mixes. People weren't dancing as much as a whole crowd moving together. Later 400 Blows performed; they had a heavy, punk sound - a lot of yelling. I was just glad one of those stupid mosh circles didn't start.

The evening proceeded and I had some revelations on the new year. I'll share the rest with you when I get another free moment.

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