Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Hell's Kitchen Experience - Part Deux

To continue with what happened at the Hell's Kitchen filming on Sunday...

So we finally made it in to the restaurant, and we're seated at the table, looking at our menus. And this is where it gets sticky. It's hard for me to say what happened next without giving too much away (and revealing my identity), but what I can tell you is this:

~ There is a 95% possibility that I will be on TV.
~ There is a 100% possibility that if I am on TV I'll be shown complaining.
~ I know who lost that episode's challenge and who's probably going home.
~ Jean Phillipe came by to talk to our table a couple times. He's hilarious.
~ The food, for the most part, was fantastic -- except for what happened that made me complain.
~ It will be an interesting dinner service -- for the diners and the competitors.

Most interesting was that my wine glass was being filled continually. Dyno kept getting beer after beer...and at the end of the night, we weren't presented with any bill, just comment cards to fill out. So despite what the producer told us, it was not a cash bar, and I believe they encouraged drinking to make the show better. I'll admit I talk more when I drink, and I ended up forgetting about the cameras after a couple glasses of good Chardonnay.

The best part of the experience was watching Gordon bark out orders and yell at Jean Pierre. Ramsay was leaning over the way that he does just screaming at people. I was in the front of the house far from the kitchen and I could still hear him. It was exciting to watch.

The worst part of the evening was that if you needed to use the restroom you had to exit the restaurant and walk across the parking lot to some bathroom trailers. Also bad was the long wait just to be seated. my hair went from fab to flat by the time we walked in, and I'm sure it won't look good on TV.

Once the show airs, I'll be able to do a really detailed recap! Look for the Hell's Kitchen season 3 to start in March -- and I was at the second episode!


Pop Fantastic is... said...

OMG-- how exciting. I wonder what you guys ate!!!

Sweepea said...

Yep, you'll just have to wait.

Just saw that the show starts in June! Almost there!!