Thursday, January 12, 2006

I'm Enshooshiashtick!

Ann Sheridan was a pin-up model in the early forties, often called "The Oomph Girl." Putting that aside, there are a few things about this ad that made me raise an eyebrow or two (and then I had to stop because I was out of eyebrows).

1. It's unfortunate that the product name is "Ayds." Not knowing the effect the word has on us now, we in the futuristic 2006, it's a little weird to see the name "Ayds" as a diet supplement. Especially when she's so enthusiastic about having it.

2. Why "vitamin candy"? Who thought that calling candy a vitamin was a good idea? Here you are, trying to promote health and you stick the word "candy" in there.

3. How could taking any kind of supplement be losing weight "the way Nature intended you to"? Does Nature care if we're obese? If I have to worry about being in shape for every tree and bush I'm going to start burning things down.

Well, sadly, Ayds didn't help Sheridan's health much. She died from esophogeal and liver cancer at the early age of 51.

[Courtesy of Adflip]

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