Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dumpster Drama: Act IV

It's time once again for another Dumpster Drama. I was walking from my car to the dumpster/carport area when I saw one of my neighbors (the hot fitness instructor who unfortunately lives with his girlfriend) staring up at the building.

He looked like he was peeping-Tomming into someone's bedroom window, and I must've given him a quizzical look, because Muscles turned to me and explained, "My cat escaped our apartment and is on the roof."

He pointed up and - sure enough - there was the little feline, mewing atop the second-story building, looking down at us with his frightened, whiskered face. "Come down here!" Muscles shouted up to him, and the cat just meowed back. The little daredevil seemed to be enjoying the attention; he walked along the roof, none-too-carefully, almost strutting his prowess of balance and grace on such a precarious ledge.

Then, in the most sudden and dramatic flurry, the cat decided he was done with his trick and took a Peter Pan off the roof, his four legs outstretched. Muscles shouted, "Winston!!" and I gasped, just as the cat (which I assumed was named Winston) landed directly in the burly arms of Muscles (the lucky pussy).

Without a word to me, Muscles held Winston close and took him inside, berating him for giving us a fright. And I found myself chuckling, realizing how even the strongest of giants has their weakness.


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pixie said...

Can you please put all of the Dumpster Dramas into book form! These are so much better than the gossip mags or soaps! When do we get more?