Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Star Sighting of the Day

Michael Bergin
Michael Cade

It was a day of "Michaels at the Mall" as Lou and I grabbed some lunch. First we spotted Michael Bergin (left) walking with buddies from the gym.

Then when we got a table and sat down to eat, Michael Cade (right) walked over to a table near us. He took off his hat and said to the lady at the table next to him, "Can you watch this table for me while I go get something to eat?"

The lady nodded, so Cade went inside to get a sandwich, leaving his baseball cap at the table as an added saving-device. A couple minutes later two teenage boys approach the table. The lady didn't stop them.

"Um..." I start. "Those guys are taking his table."
Lou turns, shrugs and says, "Not our problem."
"But he asked her to save it," I said. "Why isn't she stopping them?"
"He didn't ask us to save it, so I'm not worrying about it," Lou says.
"Okay, good point," I concede.

Michael Cade then comes out and sees that what he thought was his table is now occupied. He looks at the woman and says, "Hey..."

She looks up innocently at him. He motions to the now-occupied table. "You didn't save my table," he tells her. "Remember I asked you to watch this table?"

"I didn't say yes!" she says, chuckling.

I turn to Lou and say, "What a bitch!"
And Lou's laughing. "That was awesome," he says with a huge smile.

Michael Cade, shocked, goes to another table and shakes his head. Guess she didn't recognize him from the hit NBC TV show "California Dreams." Otherwise, she definitely would've helped him out.

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