Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dumpster Drama: Act V

It's time indeed for yet another Dumpster Drama.

This night's drama began at 4:00 AM - yes, in the dawn's early light. I heard some girl cackling as she spoke with two other male voices. It went on for a while until suddenly a man from my building yelled: "Hey, could you shut up? Some of us are trying to sleep!"

The girl acted shocked and hurt as she replied, "Oh my God...Shut up." Her dudes laughed with her.

The sleepy guy yelled back: "Why don't you make your money on some other corner?!"

And the classy girl shouted back: "[Eff] you!"

Now, I know I don't have hookers in my neighborhood...celebrities, yes. Hookers, no. But it made me think that no matter where you live - or how much rent you pay - there's trash everywhere. And not just in the dumpster.


Relive the dramatic moments of Act I, Act II, Act III, and Act IV.

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