Friday, December 16, 2005

Holiday Party Aftermath - Part 1

You know you're in trouble when two days after the company holiday party, people are still coming up to you with a knowing smile, saying "How was your night?"

As you can tell by the lack of posts yesterday, I didn't come into work. That's because I woke up yesterday still drunk. I called in to work at 7 AM and my message to my boss was simple: "I won't be in today. Bye." Then I fell back asleep.

1 PM in the afternoon I wake up and am still drunk. I go to the kitchen to get some water, and I find that my clothes and things are all over the living room. I must've closed the door, taken off all my garb right there, and passed out in my bed. But how did I get home? Still can't remember.

But slowly images of the past evening waft past me. Four Long Island Iced Teas. A glass of red wine. A cigarette. A tequila sunset. And this is all at the company dinner. But I remember going somewhere else after the dinner ended. There were a lot of people, pictures being taken, and I think I lost my purse and/or car somewhere along the way. When I go to the mirror I also can tell that I've been sobbing uncontrollably.

What the hell happened that night? Today at work people are giving me looks... sympathetic, knowing, smirky... I guess I've been paired off with a couple different guys that work here in the rumor mill. All I'm doing today is rumor-control. You'd think with all that I drank I should have hooked up with someone. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

More to come as the memories flood in.


kymberli1820 said...
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kymberli1820 said...

I totally got the Same shit after my christmas party. Way to may shots of patron and I left with one of the salesman (to another party just to clarify) When he wrecked his truck. (I work at a ford dealership.) I think the only reason companies have christmas parties, with open bars, and cameras is so they have something to talk about the next couple weeks at work. Until the New Years party.