Friday, December 16, 2005

Holiday Party Aftermath - Part 2

The pieces are coming together.

After the dinner we went to Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood. There was karaoke...I had another beer (don't know how I got it)...more photos were taken...asses were grabbed...sexual harassment possibilites abound.

Bad as I thought it was, pictures and other people have told me that I wasn't that bad. Well, not like I was the best-behaved person there, but - on the bright side - my rep as a great drinker is still intact. In fact, I remember the bartender commending me that night on how I was the smartest girl because I ordered drinks with the most alcohol. Bartending School does come in handy.

Things are looking better. Thankfully my reputation of not being a complete whore has cleared any rumors of me hooking up with any guys. Apparently the tears were because of a lost purse/car debacle, which ended up being nothing but a memory-erased mistake. The valet found my car, with my purse inside already. How it got there I still don't know. But I got home through the grace of God and a semi-sober male co-worker, who was kind enough not to take advantage of me in my horrible condition. I guess a blubbering, weepy girl is not attractive, no matter how drunk she is.

And no matter how much I dreaded it, I'm glad I made it into to work today. First of all to clean out that stupid rumor mill, and secondly to win the "Best & Worst of American Idol" on DVD in the department gift swap. Yay!

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