Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dumpster Drama: Act III

Yes, it's time once again for another Dumpster Drama.

Tonight's drama actually fell upon my ears on an early Saturday morning at 7:30 AM. It began when a young girl slammed the gate so loud that my apartment shook. A woman whom I assumed was her mother followed her. Both were a little upset, so I've severely edited their dialogue.
"You come back here!" the mother yelled.
"No, you're being a [female dog]!" was the daughter's respectful reply.
"I hate you!" the mature adult responded.
"Not as much as I hate you!" the daughter said.
(car doors opening and slamming shut)
"Don't you dare get into that car," the mother said.
Finally a third woman emerged. "Are you aware that the whole building can hear you?" she screamed. I almost shushed her. This was good stuff.

The girl's tearful reply was, "I don't give a [poopie] who's listening. I don't want to go anywhere with that [bee with an itch]."
Then the mother said "Get in the [effing] car!"
More doors slammed shut. I could still here the squabbling occuring in the car, but couldn't make out any more poetic words being exchanged between mother and daughter.

I have yet to find out what the argument stemmed from, but then again, this kind of argument sounds like it could not come from one simple thing. Hopefully the three ladies were driving off to family counseling.


Relive the dramatic moments of Act I & Act II.

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