Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Post-Christmas Recap

Usually I'm a little sad the day after Christmas - especially going back to work. But seeing as how my Christmas was exactly what I predicted, and I didn't get my hopes up too high, it hasn't been too much of a letdown.

I mean, I wish I had gotten the puppy or the iPod...and it wasn't particularly magical or romantic like I would've liked...but it was alright. Past Christmases have been better, let's just say that. But I got to spend time with my family and do laundry and not be at work. And all of those things are good.

My family has had to tone down the whole Christmas thing. First of all,
my budget was super-tight this year. Since I procrastinated taking my Bartending test, I don't have the second job that I hoped for. And everyone else in my family is more conservative this year with their spending. So the abundance of presents was not there.

Secondly, half of my siblings have families of their own now, so they want Christmas with their kids. Instead we only have Christmas Eve together: the big dinner and present-opening is all crammed into one day. Now that there are like 20 of us, the size of the table has gotten so big that we have to have two of everything on either side of the table, and I only can converse with 5 people in my family.

No more days of not being able to sleep because you're trying to hear Santa Claus in you're living room. Gone are the days of conspiring with your sister to wake up your parents at dawn. No more days of peeking out your bedroom to see if your stocking is full. Gone are the days of running down the stairs in footie pajamas to find a Big Wheel under the tree.

I guess I'm not upset or depressed about not having those Christmases like we used to...but it's just another reminder that I'm not a kid anymore.

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emma said...

Yeah...I know exactly what you're saying...it's hard to make Christmas like it used to be when you were a kid.