Monday, December 19, 2005

Cocktail Recipe Du Jour

We're still in the middle of holiday party season so today's "cocktail" is the best party shot of them all:

Jell-O Shots

And I'm going to skip the whole P.C. "gelatin-based treat" bullshit and just cut to the chase: it's Jell-O, people. Get over it.

You can make Jell-O shots with almost any type of alcohol, but just make sure the proportions of alcohol and cold water are good; this will help the shot set properly. The higher the proof of alcohol, the more water that is required for it to set. For example, for an alcohol that's 30-50 proof, use 13 oz of alcohol to 3 oz of cold water. A typical recipe is:

6 oz of Jell-O (or a large package)
16 oz of boiling water
6 oz of cold water
10 oz of Vodka

Mix the Jell-O mix with the boiling water until the powder is fully disolved and add the cold water and alcohol. Pour the cooling mixture into either shot glasses or paper cups. Refrigerate until Jell-O has set.

Although shot glasses are more attractive, paper cups are more practical because they can be turned inside out to get free the Jell-O shot from the cup. Be sure to also provide toothpicks, plastic knives, or some other gear to help free the shot. Warming the glass will cause the shot to slide free quickly, as well. Steep the shots in warm water for less than a minute right before serving.

Get creative with your Jell-O shots. Just about any combination of Jell-O flavors and alcohol can make unique shots. Try to experiment and make the following: Rum & Coke Jell-O Shot, Mai Tai Jell-O Shot, Bocce Ball Jell-O Shot, Margarita Jell-O Shot, or a Lemon Drop Jell-O Shot.


[Information courtesy of Drinkstreet]

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