Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Sanka Saved This Family

At first I thought the top picture was the boy picking the coffee beans for the dad's coffee. However then I realized that poor Billy has pillows around his bum from being beaten so severely by his "old man." But you can't really be angry at the man for spanking little Billy over a harmless "boyish prank"...it's the "caffein" in his coffee. I'm sure the social worker is relieved to hear that the father's switched to Sanka.

Of course, the judge has ruled that Billy is not allowed in the house anymore, but must watch his father enjoying Sanka from the kitchen window. It's for the best.

On a total side note...I wonder what the prank was, seeing as how Billy is strapped up in chaps and spurs in every picture.

[Courtesy of Adflip]

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