Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Weekend Re-cap

"Say hello to mah little friend..."

Well it was quite a long weekend. Dyno and I drove up north to visit with some of Dyno's family, and they had Christmas presents for me! Seeing as how I love Christmas presents, I couldn't turn them down. (Gift cards mostly, which is even better.)

Anyway, funniest part of the weekend was when Dyno got a rip in the back of his shorts. He happened to be going commando in them that day, so you could see some skin. Well, by the time we got through Central CA and he got out to get gas, the hole in his shorts was bigger, but Mr. Stubborn insisted on pressing on.

Well, we reached L.A. and stopped at the grocery store. I decided to stay in the car and relax, so Dyno went inside alone. When he came out and got in to the car his entire left cheek was exposed. I burst out laughing, imagining him walking up and down the aisles of Vons with his ass hanging out. Dyno finally conceded that it was time to throw the shorts away.

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pixie said...

Typical guy. Hubby has so many shirts with rips in them and shorts with paint stains. Luckily, I do the laundry so I secretly throw them out. He never misses them.