Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Advice from McQueen's Widow

I don't know why Barbara McQueen, widow of the late Steve McQueen, feels she can dispense advice about cancer treatment, but she's handing it out freely to Patrick Swayze. reports: Steve McQueen's widow has urged ailing movie star Patrick Swayze to get the most out of life as he battles pancreatic cancer - because there's no guarantee medication will help. Barbara McQueen insists "miracle cures" won't save Swayze and could make what's left of his life miserable.

Now 54, Barbara can still remember her late husband's cancer battle, which ended with his death in 1980 - and she is offering advice to one of her favourite actors as he fights the disease.

Barbara tells The Globe, "It (McQueen's cancer battle) was the worst thing I've ever been through... Tell Patrick not to go there. It was weird stuff, very unconventional. They tried all kinds of strange things. Patrick Swayze should kick up his heels with his beloved wife and have fun while he's fighting his desperate battle with cancer."

But Swayze insists the treatment he is getting is taking effect and he is "responding well" to it. Swayze confirmed he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the beginning of 2008.

I'm sorry for what she went through, but maybe advising Patrick Swayze to 'kick up his heels' in the middle of his treatment is not the smartest advice.

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Pixie said...

The last thing anyone suffering from cancer needs is unsolicited advice. Tacky.