Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's This 'n' That, Ya'll!

We're saddling up for a special edition of This & That! Today's post features our favorite King of Cool, Steve McQueen... Because of his recent birthday (March 24), there's a lot floating around on the internet about the actor.

...He is featured in these never-before-seen photos on the Life magazine website -- some racier than others (one almost NSFW). You also get a peek at his personal life with first wife Neile Adams. I can't imagine any celebrity today allowing such carte blanche.

...Check out the Steve McQueen Blog-a-thon featured at The Cooler...a great blog for movie info and trivia, especially centered around Steve McQueen.

...And don't forget to check out the post I put up yesterday on SorryIGotDrunk, about a bar inspired by McQueen's film Bullitt. Better yet, check it out daily (or two or three times a day), because, not only do I post there often, but the site just rocks!


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