Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Get Well Soon, James Garner

This just in: 80-year-old James Garner hospitalized, has surgery after stroke

James Garner's publicist says the veteran TV and film star has been hospitalized in Los Angeles after suffering a minor stroke at his home last week.

Publicist Jennifer Allen said Tuesday that the star of "Maverick" and "The Rockford Files" was hospitalized Friday. Allen says Garner is doing well and will be going home soon.

Garner, who turned 80 last month, rose to prominence in the 1950s as "Maverick," a wry riverboat gambler who, unlike his TV contemporaries, would often run rather than fight.

Today his publicist said he underwent surgery on Sunday after suffering the stroke.

...His prognosis following the operation was described as "very positive," Allen said, adding that his vital signs were good, and he was expected to be discharged from the hospital soon.

Allen said she had no other details about the circumstances of Garner's stroke or his condition.

Get well, Jimmy! We love you.

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pixie said...

This is amazing, because you were just posting about him! We'll keep him in our prayers!