Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend Re-cap

Well it was quite a weekend. First of all on Friday I got my Wii Fit that I had pre-ordered on Amazon.com. It's so fun -- I did yoga, hula hooping, ski jumping, jogging, stretching, and all sorts of stuff for about an hour a day on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. And let me tell ya -- you really feel it working! This thing is fantastic, and so much fun!

And I went to go see Indiana Jones #4 on Saturday with Dyno. I had bought tickets for the Arclight in Sherman Oaks, and we were supposed to meet Guitar Joe and his girl there. But when the time got closer and closer and they still hadn't shown, I started to get worried. We had to all walk in together because I had one ticket for all four of us. Well finally Joe calls and says, "Where are you guys??" and I said, "We're at the bar waiting for you!" And he says, "So are we and we don't see you!" And finally I said, "Are you at the Arclight in Hollywood?" and he goes, "Yeah, where are you?" "Sherman Oaks!!" Well by now it's too late for them to make it to S.O. in time, so I tell him to just drive over and we'll figure something out. Then I look at the tickets and they're for the Hollywood theater. So I'm the bonehead, not Joe. We finally got it all straightened out with Customer Service -- Dyno and I went to a later show in S.O., and they just went without us to the showing in Hollywood. But what a mess!

After the movie -- which was awesome!! -- we went to Ben & Jerry's. There we spotted a famous person, and Dyno and I were nudging each other like "Is that? Is that...?" Finally Dyno goes up to the star and says something, and the guy just nods inexpressively. So I ask Dyno what he said to him. He says, "I said, 'Hey, Carlos, I love your show." As in Carlos Mencia.

I started laughing. "Dyno, that wasn't Carlos Mencia -- that was George Lopez!" Dyno was embarrassed for about a second, until we both thought about it. So George Lopez was identified incorrectly -- and mistaken as his biggest rival. The stand-up comedian still makes a bajillion more money than we'll ever make.

Anyway, before Dyno approached him I snuck a picture.
It was definitely a great weekend.

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