Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Boss is Not Your Honey!

"THE BOSS IS NOT YOUR HONEY!" from Woman’s World (1957), courtesy of Tack-o-Rama:

If you're a working girl, be a working girl and not a would-be siren. Never try to flirt with your boss...he's your bread and butter and not your honey.

Be business-like not only in your approach to your work, but in your personal appearance, your manners and your deportment. By this we do not mean that you should try and disguise the fact that you're a woman, but simply that, during work hours, you shouldn't flaunt that fact around like a flirtatious flag.

DON’T --
Wear tight skirts that slip above your knees when you sit at desk or bench, or flimsy full ones that billow around your waist whenever a draught blows round a corner.

Drench yourself in heady perfume or strong-scented powder.

Think yourself a budding Marilyn Monroe and wear sweaters two sizes too small.

Arrive late at work and expect a smile to get you off.

Simper at the boss whenever he comes around.

Be coy with every male in sight.

Keep tizzying your hair in office hours.

Change your nail varnish in the shelter of typewriter or machine.

Sit with legs a-sprawl and arms akimbo.

Keep a cigarette dangling from your lips.

Clatter around with bracelets at wrist.

Have long phone gossips with the boyfriend.

Titter the minutes away with office mates.

Start refurbishing your make-up 10 minutes before closing time.

Turn your desk drawers into a medicine chest and beauty case.

Leave spare shoes, bags and hats around.

That's good advice from 1957!

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Jay said...

Other than the word "don't" above these tips, I'd say it's all sound advice for getting ahead in today's working world.