Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scenes from a Balcony: Scene 6

It's been a while since any real drama has happened in my ghetto abode in the valley. Well, except for the new morning ritual that happens daily outside my window.

I'm lucky enough to live only 15 minutes or so from work, so that means I can sleep until 8 AM. Yet every morning before my alarm goes off this woman stands under my window with her stupid yipping poodle; the constant, high-pitched YIP YIP YIP of this fluffy nuisance begins at 7:30 in the morning. Why is she standing there, you ask?

Well, I'm wondering this, too, so at this point I'm out of bed and staring out the window, trying to see who the hell is standing on a corner at 7:45 in the morning with their irritating poodle going YIP YIP YIP over and over, and for what godforsaken purpose.

Now a rather small school bus pulls up and stops outside my building right where this woman and her high-strung ball of fur are waiting, standing next to a child. She is seeing her small child get on the bus. At this time -- when it first happened -- I believed my annoying wake up session was over, and I felt a brief moment of relief.

But then the mother yells out in a falsetto sing-songy voice: "BYEEEEEEE!!! BYE, LOVE OF MY LIFE!! BYEEEE!!!!" and frantically waves at her child now finding their seat on the bus. As the child sits by the window, the mother becomes more frantic. "BYE, LOVE OF MY LIFE!! I LOVE YOU!!!" Sometimes she even has the menacing little white pup 'wave', too. "BYEEEE!!! LOOK, SHE'S SAYING GOODBYE!! SHE'S WAVING!!!"

The bus finally goes off and the mother and the yippy poodle go back in to their apartment. And I only have 2 minutes until my alarm goes off.

Since this has been happening EVERY morning for the last month and a half, I see no point in setting an alarm anymore.

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pixie said...

I feel SO sorry for that kid. You know the kids are (at the very least) teasing him about his clingy mother!