Monday, December 08, 2008

Scenes From a Balcony: Scene 7

My morning ritual was jarred this morning by a strong variant in protocol. As outlined in a previous scene witnessed daily from my balcony, this morning was quite different. I woke up to the beloved 'love of her life' having a major tantrum outside my window. His uncontrollable outburst was so startling that the poodle even stopped yipping.

"I hate you! You are the worst mother ever!! I wish you'd DIE!" were some of his choice phrases. The mother, who usually smothered her son with kisses and called out in to the early morning air "GOODBYE, LOVE OF MY LIFE!" was unusually quiet, except an occasional "You don't mean that."

The meltdown continued until the bus pulled up. The little boy got on with no words exchanged with his mother and was driven off. Finally the poodle resumed yipping.

I stifled a laugh, afraid the mother would hear me. But I felt like yelling out to her, "Guess he wasn't the 'love of your life' today, huh?"

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pixie said...

Maybe the kid's finally woken up and told his mom to quit gushing over him like that!