Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weekend Re-cap

I'm back from the north! The weather was beautiful and I had a great great GREAT time! Here's the long and the short of it:

Friday I landed in (A) Oakland ("O-town! Whoot whoot!") and was met by some of Dyno's family who drove us to the Russian River (B). There I stayed in this strange, Bates-Motel-ish place that had a crackwhore as a housekeeper. When I showed up my room door was wide open and the bolt on the door didn't work. Needless to say, it freaked me out.

Saturday I woke up at dawn to hear the couple in the room next to me fighting. My room was on the corner, and they took their argument into the hall and then around to the deck which was under my window. They argued for about an hour and a half and then proceeded to throw each other's clothes out the window. Finally I couldn't stand it any longer - I had to see what they looked like. Yep, just as I thought - boyfriend had a mullet and girlfriend was about 9 months pregnant.

Later that day I was driven by shuttle (or was to be later called "The Party Bus") to a wedding in Sonoma (C). The wedding was beautiful, and I don't know if it was the 6 vodka-cranberries or the romance surrounding me, but I was bawling by the day's end. I sneakily went to the restroom when the bridal bouquet was tossed - didn't want Dyno to get any ideas if I had caught the damn thing.

That night we went back to the Bates Motel at the River (B). I slept in way too late (yes, hungover). And that afternoon I was driven to San Francisco (D) where I met up with more family and friends, especially my dear sweet college roommate from days gone by. I missed my little Budgie!

Yesterday morning, I was driven back to Oakland (A) to catch an afternoon flight back to La-la Land. It felt like I was in a car most of the time, but I had a great time nonetheless. And I have yet to unpack.

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