Monday, July 31, 2006

Weekend Recap

I played nine holes of golf on Saturday - first time ever playing golf. We played at the Los Feliz course off of the 5 freeway, where Jon Favreau plays Ron Livingston in the movie "Swingers." It's a great course - nice and small - and the guy is very accepting of you drinking beer on the course. As long as you give him one.

Dyno and I played against Guitar Joe and his chick, and we only lost by four strokes. So either we're all brilliant at golf or we all suck. The last hole was the worst for me. I must've whiffed it about 10 times before chipping in to the bushes. I threw the club, then took of my shoe and threw it, and then proceeded to shout out the name of every deity.

That is when I officially fell in love with the game.

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