Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday's This & That

There's been a bit of sluggishness today; I'm hungover. (Case in point...I started this post this morning.) I stayed out late last night and for some reason wine kicks my @ss, and for some other reason I insist on drinking it. Anyway...

*victory dance, general whooping* I got a DVR..I got a DVR! Finally, I've succumbed to the modern age and gotten a TiVo Moxi. And I've already made a mental list of all the things I'm going to TiVo Moxi when I get home. (Yes, I'm going to insist on using the word Moxi instead of Tivo.)

Speaking of which, work's been kind of a bitch lately. And not some upper-class, nose-in-the-air bitch. No, work's been like a sleeping-with-your-boyfriend, rumor-spreading, reputation-smearing bitch. Yeah, it's gonna be one helluva week, let me tell ya.

And I am currently at war with the Ants in my apartment. Every year at this time they engage in battle with me. I've tried that special chalk, sprinkling cinnamon, and all those other tricks, but nothing worked like what I did last year - I sprinkled hot pepper flakes all over the kitchen cupboards and then set up traps in the perimeter. Death to all Tyrants!

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MoxiGuy said...

Congratulations on joining the Moxi generation.