Friday, November 17, 2006

Romance Cheese Friday

This week's romance novel tidbit comes from The Seduction (even though it doesn't seem to be working to well for me...):
"At last," he said, his mouth moving over her. The heat in the room intensified as Jordan let his hands stroke her body.

Theresa was panting, her eyes glazed ..."I can't believe you made me wait," she managed as he thrust gently against her.

"It was necessary," he whispered between kisses. "To make me smart enough to realize I deserved you." Then he took them over the top.
...And I swear, that's the end of the chapter. "Over the top"? What's that supposed to mean? Were they driving up a hill or something? And what did he take over the top? Sometimes I think these novels are just so unclear. At least my hair looks good.

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