Monday, November 06, 2006

Weekend Recap

I did a little house Lounge cleaning this weekend...
...I'm not sure who that guy outside was (Dyno was in Vegas all weekend), but at least my car got washed! Thanks, random stalker dude!

Anyway, I also went to play golf with Guitar Joe and his dame this weekend. These two guys were in the group behind us, and they kept laughing at me whiffing the ball. One of them was cute; he looked like Josh Lucas. After Guitar Joe made some wry comments about me and the Josh Look-a-Like laughed, I turned to him and said, "Look, I know I suck at golf." The Josh Look-a-Like said, "No, I think you're actually better than I am." Laughing, I said, "I know suckiness, and you sir, are not sucky!" He watched me hit the ball and then again I turned to him and said, "Yeah, I really suck. I could outsuck you any day!" Then I realized what I said as everyone laughed.

After my humiliation on the golf course, we went to see the Borat movie. I really didn't think I'd like the movie as much as I did. I figured it'd be funny, but not laugh-out-loud or cover-your-eyes screaming funny. If you're not overly-sensitive and realize that this guy is doing satire, you should go see it.

I also have to find a new Lounge. The building I'm currently in is being converted to condos and I have until February to find a new residence. So I did a little driving around over the weekend in various 'hoods. I'm really gonna miss my old place. Random stalker and all.

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