Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary, Sweepea's Lounge

Tomorrow will be our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, but since I'll be out of town this week due to Thanksgiving, I thought I'd post this today.

Wow!! It's been a whole year, and so much has changed! We used to be pink, and I used to be a blonde! So...taking a walk down memory lane, here's some of our momentous firsts:

First Post Eh-vah! (and first mention of Errol Flynn)
First "Va Va Voom" Star of the Day: Julie London
First Star Sighting of the Day: Sean Maguire. Now he's on that one sitcom with the guy who does that thing...
First Dumpster Drama... Act I, people!
First Must-Rent Movie: Sunset Blvd

...and as they say at the end of the birthday song: "and many more...!!" Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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emma said...

Congrats, Sweepea! We'll celebrate together in Portland with Pixie! Looking forward to seeing you. :-)