Wednesday, February 07, 2007

7 Ways to Charm a Man

Not only does Tack-o-Rama have the best retro fonts, clipart, pictures, and everything else you can imagine...but they have these great magazine articles from the past. What I like about looking back at the 40's and 50's is how it makes me appreciate how far we've come in only 50 or 60 years...

Example: this article from the Coronet magazine from the 1950's (found on Tack-o-Rama):
7 Ways to Charm a Man
1. Your voice must be gentle and warm, then he’ll want to listen to your expressive tones. And you’ll know the value of a soft whisper, but – most important – you’ll know when not to talk.

2. Your laugh….that special little chuckle which is all your own….the toss of your head as you laugh at his jokes….across a crowded room, your secret smile which takes him into your heart.

3. Your hair….blowing freely in the wind, tempting him to run his fingers through….even the little bit that stands straight up and defies attempts to tidy it – it’s endearing and he’ll love it.

4. Your nose….because it’s shiny, although you bemoan the fact and try hard to make the powder stay on….the amusing, lovable way you wrinkle it up when something pleases you.

5. Your attention….because you are a good listener and take an interest in what he has to say, which makes him feel important, also the encouragement you give him when he feels unsure.

6. Your dress….it’s just right for all occasions and you never embarrass him by wearing outrageous styles, colors and trimmings that are fussy and conspicuous….and besides, you walk firmly, with upright, graceful carriage, in ridiculously feminine, high-heeled shoes.

7. Your eyes….because they are so expressive, sparkling with fun or flashing with anger….because they send him charming messages which only he can read, and because they are the windows into which he can look, and always be sure of finding the real You.
Of course, this isn't too far off from a lot of silly beauty magazine articles I see today...

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Knobs, dials and impending 40's said...

I love this stuff - I'm so glad The Child will never understand that Men were considered superior! She's already creating mayhem with the guys at school. Give 'em hell Child!