Friday, June 01, 2007

Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe!

"She had the mysterious unfathomableness of a Garbo." -- Joshua Logan

"Anyone can remember lines, but it takes a real actress to come on the set not knowing her lines and give the performances she did." -- Billy Wilder

"She was like a ripe bowl of peaches." -- Anne Baxter

"She was the only gal who ever came close to me in the sex-appeal department. All the others had were big boobs." -- Mae West

"They treated her like a bubblehead, but she was very sharp." -- John Springer

"She was the most marvelous person I ever worked with." -- Montgomery Clift

"She had a kind of fantastic beauty...she radiated sex...she didn't need a soundtrack to tell a story." -- Leon Shamroy

For more about Marilyn's life (and death) read my article on Celebutaint.

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