Friday, June 22, 2007

In Steve McQueen News...

In a movie to be made about Steve McQueen's life, Steve's widow Barbara is eyeing Daniel Craig for the lead as the King of Cool. As probably one of the only existing huge Steve McQueen fans, I'll say I like the idea. Craig was hot in "Casino Royale."

Barbara also tells of their first date, in which she was shocked when he started to disco dance.
"He said 'Let's go dancing. And I'm thinking, like getting down, having some fun.' But he took me to a club called the Daisy, and he's wearing white disco trousers and a flowery shirt. I was like 'Oh no' and he said 'Let's dance.' And he was doing (mimes doing disco moves). I don't know whether it was the funniest or most embarrassing memory of Steve."
I think it'd be cute. But then again, I go for the goofy types.

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