Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Scenes from a Balcony: Scene 3

Today's drama should be called "Oohh...Fi-yah!" Last night the building next door's fire alarm went off. I went out to my balcony to see what was going on and saw that residents were evacuating the building. (As a sidenote, I spotted a few hot guys that live next door. Yee-haw!) There were a bunch of dog owners among them, so the street was filled with dogs barking and the fire alarm wailing.

Then I heard sirens in the distance. The fire station is only a couple blocks away, so they were there in no time. I was lucky enough to snap some pictures from my lovely vantage point on the balcony. Two humongous firetrucks parked right in front of my building, right under my balcony. So I got to see all the firefighters climbing out, suiting up, and heading inside.

Firetrucks to the left of me...firetrucks to the right...
It seems that whatever caused the alarm to go off stemmed from the garage, because after a while they all headed down there and then residents started pulling their cars out.

Then the traffic began. This woman trying to pull in to my building's parking lot drove up and then just stayed there in the middle of the street next to the firetruck, putting on her blinker to signal her intention of turning. The firemen, all inside the building, couldn't move their truck. She got frustrated and just stayed there, blocking other people from coming in to the street. Finally someone got out and yelled at her to move her effing car so other's could pass. I could hear her whine, "I'm trying to get in to my parking lot." What a dumb@ss.

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So much excitement!!