Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday's This & That: Disney Edition!

I know I've been all about the "This & That" lately, but there's just so much cool stuff going on! And today's edition is all about Disney.First of all, there are more Anne Leibovitz photos on the web for the Disney Parks campaign. (I took the "Snow White" one with Rachel Weisz and 'sweep-a-fied' it, above.) Can't wait to see more of these!

The Hollywood Reporter reports "Comic book legend Stan Lee has set up three projects at Disney, which houses his production shingle POW! Entertainment...The projects are based on stories and ideas from Lee, who will executive produce." The stories are: "Nick Ratchet," revolving around the exploits of a private eye, and action-adventure project called "Blaze," and "Tigress" (working title), that follows a woman who starts getting tiger-like instincts.

The University of Rochester's Campus Times has taken time to discuss the Top 10 Disney Princesses: who's the hottest. (Unfortunately pinup girls impersonating Disney princesses were not applicable.) Oddly enough, they listed many in the top 10 that are not even princesses: Jessica Rabbit, Tinkerbell, and Jane from "Tarzan" to name a few... So check out the list and then tell us who you think is the hottest in the comments!

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