Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Photo Album: That One Party

Time for me to share another set of photos from my archives. Here's some photos from when Harriet hosted a party, and things got a little crazy.  First George and Harriet started that "Pass the Orange" game, where you essentially just look like you're making out:
Gertie kept sipping all her drinks out of a coconut, which is weird because there were no coconuts at the party and it wasn't even tiki-themed:
 George and Harriet still at it.  That's her husband on the right:
 Bert responds to the neighbors in the apartment above, in his typical flexible fashion:
 This is Henry about 20 minutes before the ambulance was called:
 Doug trying to score with Margaret and Rosie.  Poor Doug, oily skin runs in his family:
Enough already!  Now they're just getting annoying:
The night wound down as we all sat around singing.  Tommy cleverly decided to play the traffic cone.
 Everyone was leaving, yet George and Harriet kept at it. They might still be there at this moment.
Stay tuned as I share more from my photo albums next Friday!  
...and Happy Labor Day weekend!

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