Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Booze Quest: The Mojito

I decide to give the Mojito a try when Gina and I meet some friends for a Girls' Night.  My friend Summer says they make the best Mojitos at this place.  I've had a good Mojito before, so I'm up to the challenge.  I find the group in a back room taking up a big booth, and I settle in between Summer and Missy.

Drink #1:  First round.  It seems more minty than I'd like, but it's still good.  The bartender muddled the mint leaves well, and it's garnished nicely.  Overall presentation is good, but the flavor could improve.  Meanwhile the girls are having a real detailed conversation about male genitalia.  I'm going to need another drink.

Drink #2: Mmm...this time the Mojito has the perfect blend of mint, sugar, and rum.  Gina is telling us about her ex-boyfriend who would say the most bizarre things in bed.  This sends us all up in to laughter for a good ten minutes.  Some of us laugh longer, depending how much we've been drinking or how much we can relate.  My throat hurts from laughing so hard so I know it's time for another drink.

Drink #3:  Whoo!  This one's stronger.  A great sweet minty taste - but mostly the flavor of rum.  Thank you, Mr. Bartender!  I could kiss you.  Maybe after another drink.  In the meantime I'm listening to Sasha tell us how her husband flexes in front of the mirror every morning.  The waiter comes by and asks if we want one more round, but I think he's trying to quiet us down.  At any rate we order another.

Drink #4:  This Mojito is poi-fect!  We're talking about horrible pickup lines.  "How about you sit on my lap and we talk about the first thing that pops up?" is deemed the winner of the worst line heard.  Then the conversation goes to bad first dates.  Of course, I have the funniest story because I have gone on so many bad first dates. I realize it may be pity laughter as I'm the only real single girl in the group.  I call the waiter over and order more Mojitos, and before he walks away, I ask him how he's doing.  I hope he's not annoyed with us for being so loud.  He says no and that the next round will be on him.

Drink #5:  This is by far the most fantastic Mojito - maybe because it's free.  Time for the girls to complain about their men.  Missy criticizes her husband's cleanliness, saying she can't get him to pick up his clothes.  Summer complains that her boyfriend doesn't like the same TV shows she does, so they end up arguing over what to watch.  Sasha wishes her husband wouldn't nitpick about what she makes for dinner.  None of these problems are relatable at this moment, so I gulp down the rest of my Mojito in triumph and flag the waiter down to order another, but instead Gina gets the check and says it's time to go home. 

Final total: 5

Major after effects: Greater insight on my friends' marriages and relationships, a lot of dirt on my their men, and a HUGE hangover.  I don't blame the Mojitos.  I blame my friends.

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