Tuesday, November 04, 2014

BoozeQuest: The Flirtini

I go to my friend Sasha's house for a barbecue.  She is especially excited that I came because she wants me to make drinks.  (This has become one of my biggest problems now: you go to a party, they hear you went to Bartending School, and they want you to make the drinks.  What happened to just being a guest?)  I agree to make drinks for her because I'm what you may call a Giver.  But agree to do it on one condition: everyone has to give me lots of tips.

I decide to make the debatable Flirtini.  I say debatable, because the drink became known during two different seasons of "Sex and the City."  Apparently in one season the drink was made one way, and in the next it was made a different way.  So sometimes it's made with primarily pineapple juice and champagne, but I decide to make them the other way: with the addition of Raspberry Stoli. (For the detailed recipe, go to my post on the drink called Cocktail Recipe du Jour.  After making a batch for about 4 or 5 people, I pour myself one.

Drink #1:  Not too shabby of a martini.  It's got a nice sunset color which makes it especially appealing.  I'm still getting the hang of Sasha's cocktail shaker -- which is this cheap plastic, not tin -- so I spill a little bit on the counter.  "I'm still a rookie," I explain to the spectators, so as not to insult her lack of good barware.  But at least I know what to buy her for Christmas, right?

I discover the worst part about being a bartender: You're too busy mixing drinks that you don't get to drink as much.  I'm getting tired of this already.  Maybe it's a good thing that I didn't graduate from Bartending School... I finish batch numbah three which means one for them and the rest for me.

Drink #2: Whoo, made this one a little strong.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Sasha is trying to fix me up with her husband's co-worker wearing a Polo shirt.  She keeps bringing him by the bar as I'm mixing the drinks.  Polo Shirt tells me how good these martinis are and I'm skeptical: what kind of man likes to drink pink martinis?  I put that aside for the moment and make up a third batch.

Drink #3: I'm thinking that this cocktail is starting to live up to its name.  Or is it my role as the bartender?  At any rate, I already have 30 bucks in my tip jar, which is really a red Dixie cup.  I call last batch of Flirtinis!  And I get a few people hanging around the bar with cocktail glasses expectantly leaning in.  This time I make them extra heavy and add a splash of Peach Schnapps for an added kick.  Then I pour myself a heaping plenty.

Drink #4: Last Flirtini of the day; then someone else has to play bartender.  The addition of Peach Schnapps gives it a more tropical, passion-fruit-type flavor and it's really good.  Sasha is certainly talking me up to Polo Shirt, almost to the point of embarrassment.  I try to downplay it a bit but it just makes it worse.  Oh well, after I clean up I won't be stuck behind the bar and I can mosey off to find my other friends.

Final total: 4 Flirtinis, and then many more drinks after playing bartender.

Major after effects: A total of $45 in tips, Polo Shirt's number which I won't call (likes pink martinis for chrissake), and a hangover of an 6.5 on the Richter scale.  

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