Thursday, October 26, 2006

Animation, Anyone?

Because I'm a huge animation fan and I love seeing all kinds of artwork (and secretly wish I could illustrate that well!), I was fascinated by two sites and their female artists:

One is accioBrain! which is a Harry Potter fan-art site. I've been a long-time fan of HP, but looking at Makani's drawings, she's just plain obsessed! Lucky for us, too, because this just gives us more to look at. My favorites are the "sillyness"...where the imagination of Makani runs wild.

The other is Pop Fantastic. The style is a mixture of manga, Disney, and classic art -- making a very chic and very colorful art cocktail. Especially love the "Project Runway" charicatures! The webmistress, Susan, was even kind enough to post about the Lounge with some very kind words on her blog, Pop Fantastic Sugary Lovely. (Which reminded me of what a slacker I've been on the Cocktail Du Jour posts). Hey, Susan, if I'm ever in New York I'm definitely looking you up! (You like Duran Duran, for petesake!)

Disney Animation used to be run solely by male animators (or the "nine old men"). But now there are some great female illustrators and artists out there that should be tapped. Go, girls!

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