Monday, October 02, 2006

I Hate Clowns

I'm not an irrational person. Okay, maybe I am. But when it comes to having an extreme aversion to clowns, I'm not alone. Dear, sweet, comforting Wikipedia tells me that:
Coulrophobia is a mental condition concerning the fear of clowns and mime artists...The most fear-inducing aspect of clowns is the heavy makeup, often accompanied by the bulbous nose and weird color of hair, that conceals the wearer's identity.
Now I find mimes just annoying, but clowns... Oh, man... they scare the living $#!& out of me.

And Bedazzled is kind enough to provide more fuel to my fire with this ad for Band-Aids:

Thanks for the affirmation, Bedazzled! We can now confirm that clowns are the root of all that is evil in this world.


Becca said...

Clowns don't normally frighten me, but they don't amuse me either. I guess my reaction is pretty much "Clowns look odd and aren't very funny, therefore they suck."

Sweepea said...

LOL, Becca!