Monday, October 23, 2006

Weekend Recap

If you couldn't tell by the lack of posts lately, I've been sick. I still am sick, actually. A nasty cold and cough. I don't understand... with all the stupid inventions and cures out there, there still is no cure for a dumb cold. I think there's something going around my work because half the office is out sick. They should just shut down the office, tent the building, and fumigate.

I did get to catch up on all my T.V. watching, and I found how really lame daytime television is. I caught Greg Behrendt's show one day, which I thought could be promising: he's the guy who wrote the book He's Just Not That Into You. However, the episode I saw he had a panel of "stars" talking about cheating. It was not only obvious but tedious.

T.V.'s Halloween offerings have brought me into a better mood. [Although the pumpkin I carved on Thursday is already rotten and moldy. Something is wrong with the pumpkin crop this year, apparently.] I watched a bunch of cooking shows for Halloween treats, as well as the Girls Next Door Halloween party, with their cute (yet slutty) costumes. I also watched a bunch of Most Haunted -- one of my favorite shows, and a biography of James Van Praagh, the psychic.

Dyno came over during the weekend. As he watched football, he didn't notice me giving him a full manicure. He finally realized what had happened when he smelled the nail polish. Seeing as how he doesn't own polish remover, he'll be stuck with nice shiny nails for a while. And maybe we won't fight over the remote anymore...

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