Wednesday, October 25, 2006

March Down the Carpet

Wow, even penguins get to walk the red carpet before I do...


Nat and Carla said...

Hey, I was browsing through your blog, (boring day at the office)
I thought your "closing the office and fumigating" idea is soooooo true!!!
If one has the virus, we all get it. I am guilty of passing it im sure!
i was also wondering, how do you get the youtube vide up there??
If it's not too much trouble can you email me and give me some directions!!

Sweepea said...

Thanks for reading! I emailed you back...but for anyone else who doesn't know:

At YouTube, they have a section to the right of the video that says "embed". Just click on the code next to it, copy and paste into your code!

Thanks for spending your boring day with me!