Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July Holiday Recap

Well it feels like it's been a whole weekend, but nope, I'm back here at work for two more blissful days. But at least I had fun on my day off.

It started Tuesday night. Dyno and I triple-dated at Firefly in Studio City. Right when Dyno and I walked in I spotted Tiffani Thiessen (not with her husband), at the bar. She was talking to two younger guys, and I heard her say, "I should take you guys there. Totally my treat; we have to go." She finally got a table and left the bar with them.

Dyno and I sat down and I heard a familiar voice behind me. It sounded like Jerry Seinfeld's mother. Sure enough, when I turned around there was Liz Sheridan, having drinks with a woman friend.

If you've never been there, the atmosphere at Firefly is awesome. It's got a lounge feel at the bar and sitting area, and then the dining room is like an open patio. The drinks and appetizers were good, but my dinner was a little dry (the roasted hen). But overall it was a good time and with the weather being so warm, it was nice to enjoy the outdoors for dinner.

Wednesday, Dyno and I hung around my apartment. We barbecued and watched some movies, basically trying to avoid the heat. He also taught me how to play gin rummy and I whooped his @ss 4 out of 5 games.

Hopefully you all had a happy and safe holiday!

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Anonymous said...

would love to see Tiffani sometime-an alltime favorite