Monday, July 23, 2007

Scenes from a Balcony: Scene 4

Today's drama should be called "Out on the Street" because it didn't take place on my balcony, but it's still indicative of my wonderful neighborhood I'm slumming in.

Dyno and I decided to take a nice evening walk down the street on Saturday after dinner. We circled around the block and were making our way down Sepulveda when we got to the crosswalk at the intersection. A woman wearing a party dress was standing next to us, and we waited for the light to change.

It was taking forever. Dyno and I looked at each other, both thinking, "Did she press the button to cross?" But neither of us could answer. Finally, Dyno pressed the button.

Just as the light changed allowing us to cross, I heard a honking noise and a man pulled up next to the curb. The woman leaned in to the passenger window and then got in the car.

As Dyno and I crossed the street I -- for a split-second -- still believed she was just waiting for her ride. But then it hit me what had happened. I looked up at Dyno to see him laughing. At the same time we started talking: "I can't believe I just saw that in my neighborhood!" "That was hilarious!" "I've never seen that in real life before!" "That was awesome!"

But there's more. I was still staring at them across the street because the john hadn't driven off yet. Just then we were passing a second woman, and this time I could recognize what she was doing there. Sure enough, the man across the street whistled, and the second woman ran across the street towards him.

Ahh...the lovely sights and sounds of my community.

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pixie said...

Wow. That's pretty close to what I just saw in my neighborhood. Hubby, the kids, and I were all driving to church when we saw a woman walking along the street wearing just a bra on top of her jeans shorts. And it was DEFINITELY a bra -- not a bathing suit top. Luuuuvlee!