Thursday, July 05, 2007

Pitt to Play Bullitt

According to internet reports, Brad Pitt will play the iconic role, immortalized by Steve McQueen, in a remake of the 60's movie.

Why anyone would want to remake this movie is beyond me. Are they going to do it shot-by-shot like in Psycho -- which is pointless? Or are they gonna mock the time period like Starsky & Hutch -- which is stupid? At any rate, it won't be the same without the King of Cool...and this car chase can't be duplicated, nor should it be.
And lastly...can't anyone think of any ORIGINAL ideas for movies?


emma said...

Steve McQueen raced cars and did most of the driving himself! Will Brad Pitt be able to duplicate that? NOOOOO....

pixie said...

BRAD PITT?! That overrated actor couldn't hold a candle to McQueen!