Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday's This & That

Well we're still doing a bit of redecorating around here, so pardon the dust. Until we get things straightened up, why don't we take a look around...

Thanks to Matthew for correcting me in the previous post...DVD's of Cinematic Titanic are available NOW! And speaking of Cinematic Titanic, the other half of the former MST3K crew (led by Mike Nelson) has been putting together RiffTrax: downloadable "riffs" that you can synch up with a movie to get that MST3K experience in your own home. Go to their site to see some great examples; there are also a lot on You Tube (just search under "rifftrax").

And for more fun at the expense of movies (or, as Dane Cook calls them "Cinematic Adventures"), go to The Trailer Mash for...well, mash-ups of trailers, obviously.

And lastly, for all those of you who read this blog regularly but haven't yet signed up to be my friend on The Lounge MySpace's a reminder to do so: SIGN UP TO BE A FRIEND OF THE LOUNGE FOR PETESAKE. (Sheesh.) You'll be able to see many more slutty pictures of me and you'll hear some awesome tunes. Can't beat that, right?

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