Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday's This & That

As I'm spending a little time pampering myself, I can daydream about all the things floating around the internet...

Yay! The video game website play™ reports: "A new Guitar Hero-rival designed for kids has been revealed for the DS and the Wii by Disney. The new game will arrive in autumn." It's called Ultimate Band, and even though "the rhythm-action title is aimed at teenagers and younger kids," I still want it, because it's probably perfect for my skill-level...

And MSTK: The Movie (in widescreen, thankyouverymuch!) is available for pre-order from "Normal view...normal view...NORMAL VIEW!!"

Well, my birthday's coming up... (*hint hint*)

P.S. Wow, my ass is really hanging out in this picture.

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