Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Tuesday's This & That

Once again, I'm sick. Why do germs always seem to find me? It's like every month I have a cold. Every time the weather changes, or there's a lot of wind, or someone sneezes, I seem to catch a virus.

So are you gonna vote today? I guess I should. Women sacrificed a lot to allow us to vote. Not to get too political (because I hate the subject), but I don't like any of the candidates. I just can't agree on anything that one guy is saying over another. It's like one guy will stand for something I like, but another guy will stand for something else I like. Especially living in a state as large as California, I barely feel like my one vote counts. But I guess it's my duty as an American. Maybe if I was feeling better I'd be more pumped about it.

I've been watching a lot of old movies again. I cracked open my Esther Williams collection and showed Dyno the magic of "Bathing Beauty" -- my favorite of Esther's. Dyno liked the comedic parts of Red Skelton. I had to tell him the importance of the swimming scenes; how Esther revolutionized synchronized swimming and was a huge success every time she dove in to a pool.

Oh yeah, and I'm probably moving this summer. I've decided to find some new digs...I'm sick of my manager, the apartment's too small, and they raised my rent. The place never had the right amount of drama as the last place. No character.

Well, off to make some more tea with honey and then pretending to work...

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