Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday Photo Album: At the Pool

Summer is gone, so I thought for this week's photo album I'd share my time at the pool with my friends! 
Here I am with Trish and Lyn.  My ass looks bangin' in this suit.  Too bad the other girls are so flat chested.

Joe and I taking a dip.  Guess the water's a bit cold, eh, Joe?  Haha:
 Don't worry!  I know what I'm doing.  Plus I had a couple cocktails first to warm up:
 The gals having tea outside, despite the fact that it's 85º out:
The boys listen to the game in the sand area:
Betsy waves "Hi!" with Tony, Lydia, and Jimmy:
Trish is all..."It's too cold, Jimmy! Let go!" Tony and Lydia just look on, laughing:
Now it's Jimmy's turn to say hi.  Yes, Jimmy we see you.  Hello!
Jan trying to avoid the sun at all costs.  God forbid the woman gets a little color:
Goodbye, Summer!
Stay tuned next week for another photo album!

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