Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Photo Album: Working Girls

Here is the last in the series of my photo albums!  During the war, when I wasn't performing at the USO, I was a factory worker.  Here are some photos of the girls an' me at the factory!
It's tiring working at the plant, but I keep a smile on my face:
Weld, ladies! Weld like the wind!
 Stella's been so bitter since she lost her thumb:
 Carole and Jill "look over their work," a.k.a. look busy:
 Lunch break with Jill!  Our supervisor Tom pretends to be our friend for a picture.
 Shirley and Kathy hard at work.  They only stop for their hourly smoke break:
 Working the tool-return booth.  Did Gary just cut??  Because Jill looks pissed.
 Go, Jane, go!!
 Hopefully this war will end in VICTORY so we can go back to being in the home doing laundry for no pay.  YAY!!
 That concludes the Lounge's series of Friday Photo Albums!  I may share some more eventually...

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